Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

Hello Friends!

I know I have disappeared off the face of the earth!  Just a quick update as to things around here.  Things have been extremely busy.  We have been focused on packing up what we can of the house and doing some minor repairs so that the house shines when we go to put it up for sale.  On top of that, we have been pricing kitchens and flooring for our new build to begin in the spring.  Yes, the plans are underway and we hope to have the finalized ones back very soon!

I have been covered in paint most weekends.  Have I mentioned how much I hate painting?  I have more paint on me than the walls most of the time.  But it does look very nice and neutral when we are done.  Hubby has been doing the trimming.  Let me tell you, even with the tape on the woodwork, I manage to get it all over.  I don't know how that happens.??

Last weekend, I packed up my craft room completely.  I was very sad, but know that this needs to happen.  My tables that my dad built several years ago need to be taken apart as much as possible.  He is quite the handy crafter and builds things VERY sturdy.  We aren't quite sure how we will get those apart yet.  I haven't had any time to craft since May with our schedules. 

Today, I will be focused on taking things off the walls and packing them up so that we can begin painting the downstairs.  I am hoping that we can be done with the home repairs before Thanksgiving so that we can enjoy the holidays and be relaxed.  Hubby and I are taking that week off work and hope to begin building our vanity for the bathroom. 

Last week we purchased our bamboo flooring for the new house on sale.  So it is being stored for now.  It is absolutely beautiful!  It is a bit darker and distressed with a hand scrapped look.  As for the kitchen, well.... those things are EXPENSIVE!  We are still looking for a good quality cabinet with a reasonable price.  I had lots of fun designing my 16x12 kitchen and now I am realizing how much storage I will have! 

Well, I am off to begin packing some more things for storage.  I hope you enjoy the wonderful fall season ahead.  I miss crafting and all of you, but will be back someday to see you!

Have a blessed day!
Until next time...


  1. Hey Athena. I'm glad things are happening over there. you are super busy but it'll be over soon and you''ll be able to enjoy your new home. I'm looking forward to seeing everything once you're done. Take care

  2. How exciting Athina! Time will fly by fast and soon you will be in your new place! I


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