Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snowman Candy!

Good Evening,
It snowed here last night, so today it is fitting to look at the snowman candy bar wrappers.  I downloaded the paper pattern from Laurie

Print the paper pattern off and cut to size.  Wrap the candy bars and glue shut.
For the hats,
Cut strips of fabric in six inch strips.
Fold over the strips (the wrong side of the fabric will be showing) to make them 3 inches.
Stitch to close the fabric.
Then cut them into 5 inch pieces.  Your piece will be 3x5.
 You turn the 5 inch piece inside out and turn the bottom up two times to make the hat rim.
Take some twine and tie it around the middle of the hat and tie in a button.
Cut slits in the hat to finish the hat.
You can tie fleece or twine around for the scarf.

It has been a busy week with more to come.  I have a bazar at work on Friday that I hope to sell these in.  Everyone stay warm and enjoy the magic of the holiday season!

Blessings until next time!


  1. Simply...LOVE THEM!!!. I love snowmans... These are soooo cute!!!

  2. Oh my! These are super cute! Very creative good luck at your bazaar :)

  3. They are so adorable!! And what a good idea to make a cute gift wrap like this!

  4. These are just so cute!!! I actually giggled when I saw them. Wonderful creativity.



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