Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Altered Frame Tutorial

Hello Friends,

I promised yesterday that I would be back today with a tutorial on how to age and alter that old ugly picture frame you have.  I am excited to say this is my first official tutorial.  I hope it is clear enough for you to understand.  I tried to take lots of pictures to help explain the process.

So sit back with your coffee and enjoy!

Above is the old ugly frame that I started with.

I gathered all my needed supplies:
Sand paper or sanding block
Acrylic paint in the color you choose.  I used white and black.
Paint brush
Tim Holtz Distress Stain (not pictured)
Paper towels (not pictured)
Craft Mat

I wanted my frame to have a variation in colors like it was old and had been painted a few times.  So I rough painted the frame black.  I left some of the areas maroon and wood colored so it would show thru at the final stage.  After you have applied the acrylic paint, let it dry completely.

Take some vaseline out of your medicine cabinet and put some on your finger.  Rub vaseline where you want the first color applied (black) to show thru the top coat of paint.  The edges are usually worn, so make sure to apply vaseline there.

Once your vaseline has been applied and you are happy with the placement, apply the top coat of acrylic paint.  I used a very thin layer of white.  You can still see some of the black and maroon showing thru.  Let the top coat of acrylic paint dry completely.

Take a paper towel and wipe over the frame.  The top coat of paint will wipe away where you applied the vaseline previously.  Wipe it down completely to make sure that all the vaseline has been removed.

Grab your distress stain (I used weathered wood, then changed to vintage photo.  The weathered wood was not dark enough for my liking).  Squeeze the distress stain out on your craft mat.  Dab a clean paper towel into the stain and wipe over the frame.  It will darken a bit and appear aged.  Let the stain sit for a few minutes and wipe away any excess.

You have just completed aging your frame.  Decorate the inside and add some embellishments to the frame if you like.  Reassemble the inside to the frame and you have a beautiful completed altered frame.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Blessings until next time....


  1. What a gorgeous frame. Thanks for the tutorial. Caroline xxx

  2. Athina! This is a great tutorial, congratulations on your first one. And a beautiful frame. Great job! and Thanks for Sharing

  3. Beautiful!!! What a wonderful project. You did a wonderful jobn on the tutorial :)

  4. Wonderful job on the tutorial, and the frame is gorgeous!

  5. WOW!!!! I love this and love your projects on your blog.

  6. Your frame is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job on your tutorial!


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