Monday, January 2, 2012

Setting My Plan of Attack!

Happy New Year 2012!

I am looking forward to a fantastic year!  Keeping in mind that life is about choices and how you decide to handle situations.  I will keep a positive attitude in all circumstances.  I am very fortunate to have a wonderful family, group of friends and god to support, love and cherish.  With all of them, anything is possible.

To keep this craft related, I am going to share some of my craft goals this year.  I am trying to keep them SMART so they can be achieved.

1.  Make sure to update my blog at least twice a week, more if possible.

2.  Make 50 cards.

3.  Make 72 scrapbook layouts this year.  Hopefully this will be no issues, as I do a book for my father each year for father's day.  Speaking of that, I need to get busy!!!

4.  At least 5 altered items.  I have so much fun creating something different to enjoy.

5.  Participate in at least 20 challenges to help expand my skills and grow.

6.  I would like to be accepted to a Design Team that fits with my style.

7.  I want to take the intermediate Copic class and continue to learn more about all the fun things you can do with these markers.

I think seven sounds like a good number, so I will stop there.  These are the main area's I would like to focus.  Of course other fun things will come along the way and I also have some goals in mind for other areas of my life.

I wish everyone success in achieving their goals and hope that each of you enjoy a rich, healthy and prosperous 2012!  I look forward to sharing with you!

Until next time...


  1. Great goals, Athina!!! I look forward to a year of commenting on your lovely creations!!

  2. Great goals Athina. Great job setting them! I'm part of your cheering squad to get them accomplished! :)

  3. I like your goals. I need to make mine.


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